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East River Writing

Copy that connects


Cultivate clients,
Build your
brand &
Boost your
bottom line

What's your passion?

Growing a global coaching brand? Taking on plastic pollution? Creating a cutting edge restaurant with lines around the block?

Whatever it is, I can't wait to learn all about it. Because my passion as a writer is to show what makes your work meaningful, impactful and unique to you.

Hi! I'm Laura, founder of East River Writing.

As a philanthropic administrator, I brought together donors and non-profits, demonstrating why they were a good fit for each other. As your copywriter, I'll show your target audience why you're their perfect match, increasing sales and profits.

With messaging that tells your story and captures your voice, I'll connect you with the people who want what you do and inspire them to take action: enroll in the course, dig deep for the donation, stand in line because you're worth it! 


In the process, you get more time to focus on the work you love. Which is great, because with all the extra business, you're going to need it.

Sounds Good!

How does it work?

We schedule a free, no-obligation call to chat about what you're looking for. Then, I'll send you a proposal.


If you like my ideas, we'll strategically use a variety of tools to build your business: from emails that actually get opened, to a take-action landing page, to an About Us that has the reader wondering where you've been all their life.​ 

I focus on the details to make sure your communications are on-target and on-brand (I love details--they're basically my hobby); you get to cross "emails, website, media posts" off your to-do list and turn your attention where it's needed most!

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