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About Me

Starting out as a community organizer, I learned that the first words exchanged at the door meant the difference between a deep conversation and a "no thank you." Best writing lesson ever! Good copywriting comes back to those same questions: what do you offer that the customer needs, and how quickly can you tell that story?

For most of my career, I worked as a philanthropic administrator, helping to bring grantmakers together with non-profits doing great work. Our clients were busy professionals who cared deeply about the issues and needed to know, in a few words, what made an organization effective and unique, and why their grant would matter. It taught me about getting to the heart of an organization and its mission, and I'll use those skills to create copy for your business that cultivates clients and boosts sales.

I also love to volunteer, which has shown me the power of a good match. When a job is a great fit for someone's skills and interests, a request for help receives an enthusiastic "Yes!" As your copywriter, I'll focus on the natural points of connection between what you offer and what your customer needs, leading to their unequivocal "Yes!" to you.


Let me help build your brand and increase your revenue. Contact me for a no-obligation, 15-minute chat to explore working together.



About East River Writing

East River Writing was created to meet all of your writing needs, whether it's long-form content with extensive research, a quick refresh of your website, or an email sequence with subject lines that make for an off-the-charts open rate.

Fun fact: New York City's East River isn't a river at all. It's a tidal strait, which means it flows both north and south, moving with the tide. It also has gorgeous morning light, the kind that makes it feel like you can get everything done before breakfast.


When you work with East River Writing, you'll have a flexible partner who moves with you to help meet your business goals. You'll also get that amazing feeling of starting your day with big tasks already accomplished. I've got your copywriting covered so that you can focus on your mission.


Or spend a well-deserved moment enjoying the sun!

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